Engineered for production-grade deployments our Enterprise portfolio is built on the strong foundations of the MATTR OpenSource codebase. Our products range from standalone DID infrastructure building blocks to turnkey identity and access management integrations.

MATTR Enterprise products provide agility and assurance

MATTR Enterprise products provide hardening, security and enterprise features as well as the support necessary to allow customers to confidently transition into the new Trust-over-IP ecosystem - opening new value creation opportunities for everyone.

Industry wide


Talk to us about how we can help reduce friction for customers in AML and KYC processes to preserve privacy and ensure GDPR compliance.


Leverage our products to issue digital credentials to Faculty, students and alumni: create trust for relying parties. Talk to us about how we can help you to remove friction and speed up processing of applications.


Create trusted relationships between clinical partners, medical practitioners and patients. Talk to us about how our capabilities will support better patient outcomes.


Improve citizen experiences using government verified digital proofs to support everyday interactions in privacy preserving and secure ways.


Talk to us about how we can help with KYC, managing the needs of medically dependent customers and improving service experience.

Product focus

  • DPKI
  • Agent
  • Platform
Tools for integrating fundamental Trust-over-IP concepts into your stack.

Decentralised Public Key Infrastructure (DPKI) products are designed specifically for the needs of developers creating sophisticated enterprise implementations or applications based on Trust-over-IP. These products provide the capabilities for deep integration of Trust-over-IP concepts in your enterprise stack.

Manage your digital identity.

Agents orchestrate work – they speak bits and bytes, keys and crypto and protocols and transports, so you don’t have to. Supported functions include - giving and retracting consent, buying and selling, scheduling and reminding, auditing, monitoring, proving things with credentials, enacting and fulfilling contracts and issuing receipts.

Trust-over-IP integrations with existing enterprise landscapes.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems including IAM, CRM, and ERP platforms. We’ve thought carefully about how to bridge the world of today with the world of tomorrow. At MATTR we believe common interoperability standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect will be critical.

Built on MATTR OpenSource

OpenSource drives collaboration in the technical community

MATTR actively collaborates with community members globally on standards development for Decentralised Identity. We believe in creating tangible, well-documented reference implementations of our work to enable the community to solve problems faster.

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