Digital Health Certificates

Issue and verify digital health certificates with our powerful APIs, Software Development Kits (SDKs) and white label app solutions.

A complete digital health certificate solution to support the acceleration of vaccine and testing programs, get live events back on schedule and allow travellers to cross borders.

Support for different formats

We support a wide variety of certificates, including:

  • EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC)
  • Good Health Pass (W3C VC JSON-LD / CBOR-LD)
  • SMART Health Cards (coming soon)
  • NZ COVID Pass
  • Country-specific domestic passes - contact us for location support

For information about other formats, get in touch with us.

How it works across industries

For issuers

Public health authorities, pharmacies, labs and health providers

Confidently accelerate the roll out of vaccination and testing programs by using our technology to issue secure digital health certificates.

Our end-to-end credential generation and management capabilities support multi-credential formats and types, providing you with a solution that's flexible and interoperable.

Use our SDKs to build new credential wallets or build credential management functionality into your existing systems and services for customers and employees.

For verifiers

Employers, event organisers, the travel and hospitality industry

Maintain the safety of your people by verifying their health status before they enter onto your premises. Our solution enables you to carry out real time verification in any context, both in-person and online, or pre-arrival.

You can quickly deploy your own branded verifier app using our white label solution or use our SDK to build your own verification apps and plug into your existing applications and systems.

You can use our verifier API for pre-arrival verification and integrate directly into existing web booking systems.

For holders

Employees, customers and travellers

Access personal health information securely and easily on your smartphone or a physical format to provide proof of vaccination status or test results, keeping you in control of your personal data.


Our approach

Support for different credential types
Our technology has built-in support for a variety of different credentials, making it easy to use whilst reducing operational risk.

Digital and paper-based credentials
We bridge the gap between your organisation and the existing ways people use credentials, whether that means a digital wallet on a smartphone or a physical document.

No vendor lock-in
Our open, decentralised technology prioritises interoperability, meaning you’ll never be locked in to one provider.

Your global technical expert
MATTR works with the global standards community, organisations and a range of technical experts to develop technology that’s interoperable and is aligned to best practices.

Get in touch with us

Our technologies give you powerful ways to build trust and prove information about people. Need a solution to create or verify digital health certificates for your business? Get in touch with us.