Support for the full credential lifecycle

  • Secure point-to-point / one-to-many messaging
  • Message encryption
  • Message inbox management
  • Recipient specific messages
  • Signed message authentication
  • Push messaging to wallet holders
  • Variety of supported message types
  • Key management, for signing and encrypting messages
  • Support for DPKI/DID based addressing
  • Custom web domain support

Flexible implementation options

Every organisation is different, and we’ll work with you to assess your needs. Common messaging patterns/types include:

  • Send a credential directly to a holder’s wallet
  • Request the remote presentation of a credential
  • Notify a credential holder of change in status

Looking for other credential capabilities?

We support the full credential lifecycle.

  • Credential Generation
  • Credential Management
  • Credential Verification
  • Extensions

Our approach

Support for different credential types
Our technology has built-in support for a variety of different credentials, making it easy to use whilst reducing operational risk.

Digital and paper-based credentials
We bridge the gap between your organisation and the existing ways people use credentials, whether that means a digital wallet on a smartphone or a physical document.

No vendor lock-in
Our open, decentralised technology prioritises interoperability, meaning you’ll never be locked in to one provider.

Your global technical expert
MATTR works with the global standards community, organisations and a range of technical experts to develop technology that’s interoperable and is aligned to best practices.

Get in touch with us

Our technologies give you powerful ways to build trust and prove information about people. Want to add secure messaging to complement your credential solution? Get in touch with us.