A new world of data and digital trust

A web of trust

Restoring trust in digital interactions

Decentralised identity and verifiable data presents a new way to solve and restore trust in digital interactions. MATTR products provide the building blocks to solve and remove the historical challenges of digital security, privacy and data verification, opening up a new world of trust.

If you need a fresh take on data and digital trust, get in touch to see how we can help.

Handling complexity

MATTR VII handles background complexity so you don’t need to

Pre-built extensions make it easy to plug our platform into your existing application stacks. Our tools support multiple security architectures and implementations, pre-configured drivers for key management, storage and DID methods.

Open source

Our work in the decentralised identity community

MATTR is actively engaged in the standards and open source community across a range of different forums. We contribute to standards and provide code and thought leadership.