Solutions for verifiable data and digital trust

A new category of tools for an emerging web of trust

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Restoring trust in digital interactions

From business people to developers, from policy makers to individuals, MATTR is building tools and working alongside communities who want to transform the internet into a web of trust and restore trust and confidence in digital interactions.

We think the exciting new world of verifiable data and decentralised identity can be applied to solve many real-world problems we experience today, creating whole new opportunities for value creation. We make our products simple, accessible, and easy to use to help stimulate innovation by the people that understand their context best.

If you have a digital trust or verifiable data problem that you would like help with, let’s have a discussion on how we can help.

Toolkits for building digital trust

MATTR products provide a set of foundational building blocks that allow us to solve the historically difficult challenges facing digital security, privacy, and data verification. Our commitment to standards-based work can be seen across the decentralised identity space. MATTR contributes code, thought leadership and reference implementations to major projects and standardisation processes.

In our solutions, we combine three distinct innovations with practical bridging capabilities to support adoption and useability. Our powerful tools open a whole new range of possibilities.

Decentralised identities

Privacy-enhancing, portable, and always controlled by the user

Verifiable data

Interconnected webs of signed and linked data organised across contexts

User-centric cryptography

Security and encryption provided by keys instead of passwords

At MATTR, we’ve created the latest in standards-based digital infrastructure allowing developers and everyday users to focus on building out their own visions and solving problems that matter to them.

We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to

The MATTR Platform seamlessly handles complexity in the background allowing you to get started quickly.

Pre-built extensions make it easy to plug our Platform into your existing application stacks. We provide the tools to support multiple security architectures and implementations as well as pre-configured drivers for key management, storage and DID methods.


Our work in the decentralised identity community

MATTR is actively engaged in the standards and open source community across a range of different forums. In addition to our standards and code contributions, we also participate in a range of different working groups.