A new world of digital trust

Start small – or transform a whole industry – with MATTR’s software and APIs. Our powerful tools help you create a new type of freedom through digital trust.

Unlock value, simplify experiences and scale trust with decentralised identity and verifiable data capabilities.

Bridging the trust divide

Not all trusted relationships sit inside neat boundaries

Our world is increasingly complex. Trust has to be built, and span across, domains and spaces.

We need a new generation of tools to help us bridge organisational boundaries, building and creating confidence in the places and spaces where we interact.

By designing for combinations of centralised and decentralised architectures, we can help you to solve some of the toughest ecosystem trust challenges around.

bridging the trust divide

Solutions for every purpose

Solutions that enhance information security, data privacy and increase trust

Secure, privacy-first solutions that give you powerful ways to increase trust and prove information about people, organisations and things.

Our solutions provide practical new tools to help you break down silos and unlock new potential – while maintaining and extending confidence.


We handle the complexity, so you don’t need to

Easily integrate verifiable data, whether it’s a paper-based or lo-fi credential to support digital inclusion, a high assurance digital interaction which uses advanced privacy respecting features – or somewhere in between.

Our powerful platforms can be configured to work in the channels, journeys, interaction patterns and assurance levels you need for your operations.


Standards-first digital leaders

Building bridges and breaking silos

We collaborate with policymakers, and a range of industry specialists, experts and technical standards communities to bring digital trust to life in a meaningful way.

Innovation through collaboration

Ready to get started?

Ready to take the plunge or not sure where to start? We work with organisations globally to bring digital identity and verifiable data solutions to life.

Leverage identity and data

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Scale trust in an existing ecosystem

If you’re a trust anchor, or play a critical role in an existing ecosystem, talk to us about scaling trust

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