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Trust in every transaction. Certainty in every connection.

Unlock value with MATTR's TrustTech solutions - where high assurance meets convenience.

Overcome compliance and regulatory requirements with our fabric-layer infrastructure.

TrustTech. Fabric layer technology for any business, application or experience.

our investment in standards informs everything we do

Complexity simplified

We don’t just adopt standards, we contribute to their development. MATTR’s standards-first products balance emerging regulatory and compliance needs with practical implementation concerns.

Cube illustration representing the Ecosystem Lifecycle
Ecosystem Lifecycle

How trust is established in organisations and the network

Card illustration representing the Credential Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle

How credentials are provisioned, bound, shared, and managed from day one to expiry

Checkmark badge representing the Authentication Lifecycle
Authentication Lifecycle

How continuous trust and assurance are maintained

Start small or transform a whole industry

Flexible, extensible capabilities that scale

Designed for full trust lifecycle management, MATTR’s product platforms give you the tools to manage trust. Inside your organisation or in the wild, our tech can help you make trust portable - meaning high assurance outcomes wherever you interact.

Solutions for industries

Explore industry and cross-industry solution opportunities

Understand how TrustTech enables benefits in your sector. See how cross-industry solutions like identity-backed signing and notarisation can help build trust in any context.

For Network Operators

Build Equity in your Network or Scheme

Unlock scale, new revenue streams, and reduce fraud with high trust interactions.

Anchor trust with onboarding processes for issuers and verifiers.

Establish policies and define the rules for all participants

Create wallet or secure app channels for credential holders

Determine the best Credential Profiles for your network and build scale through interoperability

Add more data products (credentials) and capabilities (custodian services, secure confirmation and more) to build value over time

For Technology Partners

Integrate next generation capabilities with any experience

Get ready to innovate and participate in new business opportunities. Embed standards-based capabilities that align to emerging compliance and regulatory regimes. Leverage our investment in TrustTech fabric to future-proof your product.

Integrate next generation capabilities with any experience
For Secure Channels

Optimise for confidence and convenience, using existing or new channels

Establish a new relationship with your end users. Enable bidirectional trust to support any interaction and make your brand relevant in moments that matter.

Mobile device showing a credential
For Trusted Sources

Package for high assurance at source

Protect and enhance your reputation as an authoritative source and stop fraudulent activity.

Create next generation, tamper-evident, phishing-resistant digital equivalents to today’s physical documents and cards.

Introduce new privacy-respecting selective disclosure features for consent-based data sharing.

Proactively manage trust with the ability to control lifecycle events including refresh and revocation.

Create new revenue streams with products that meet the needs of holders and relying parties.

For Relying Parties

Accept credentials, stay compliant

Accept credentials in-person and remotely. Our solutions for relying parties validate technical and network level trust.  Manage your risk and protect customer privacy, by ensuring the no surplus data is captured or presented - only what is required for the transaction.  

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Dev resources

Comprehensive developer docs, guides and references

Explore technical platform concepts, step-by-step guides, example integrations, API reference and SDK docs to help you build with MATTR VII, Pi and GO.

An overview of code snippets for Developer resources

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MATTR's TrustTech solutions gives governments and organizations the ability to unlock high assurance interactions and securely build trust. Get in touch to learn more or try it out for yourself!

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