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MATTR actively collaborates with community members globally on standards development for Decentralised Identity.

We believe in creating tangible, well-documented reference implementations of our work to enable the community to solve problems faster.

Email us for more information or to ask us about our community standards contributions and OpenSource projects.

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Engineered for production-grade deployments our Enterprise portfolio is built on the strong foundations of the MATTR OpenSource codebase. Our products range from standalone DID infrastructure building blocks to turnkey identity and access management integrations.

MATTR Enterprise products provide hardening, security and enterprise features as well as the support necessary to allow customers to confidently transition into the new Trust-over-IP ecosystem - opening new value creation opportunities for everyone.

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MATTR CoLab is a hub of creative problem-solving. Here, partners from public and private sectors join MATTR experts to create solutions to significant problems.

The MATTR Incubator provides our collaborators with access to software to test new ideas, run design experiments and validate the business and technical operating models of the Trust-over-IP world.

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“To make every day better is what matters to most people. By collaborating we can accelerate to a new distributed identity future, faster.”

Claire Barber. CEO / MATTR