Integrate TrustTech into any existing application, solution or infrastructure.

Industry-agnostic solutions that transform how organisations share, manage, and verify information across all domains.

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Future-Proof Platforms

Future-proof and flexible by design

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Privacy and security are embedded by design in everything MATTR does. We align our compliance and processes to the standards trusted by our customers.

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Our modular approach allows you to choose the capabilities that work for you now – and can support you in the future.

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Designed to work in your environment, our extensible platform architecture enables you to integrate with your systems of record, IDPs and apps channels.

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Support for multiple trust architectures. Leverage investments in centralised stacks and extend trust beyond traditional boundaries to the places and spaces where it is needed most.

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As your organsiation changes, applications built with MATTR platforms can be easily configured to support any type of verifiable data.

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Ease of Integration

We stay at the 'plumbing layer' providing world class capabilities to power your products, applications and networks.

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Performance & Availability

High-performance by design, our platforms are trusted by governments and enterprises to deliver essential services.

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Our standards first approach powers interoperability. We don't just use open standards - we contribute to their development.

A complete solution

Begin with the basics and expand as required, or with a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.

Ensuring an easy integration and extension according to your needs, MATTR's offerings are crafted to seamlessly enhance your applications and infrastructure with verifiable data capabilities.

A table showing the links between the platforms and capabilities
platform capabilities

Our capabilities span the trust lifecycle

Explore the capabilities that power trusted digital credential interactions and operational efficiencies for governments, industry bodies, traditional businesses and new companies globally.

Ecosystem Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle
Authentication Lifecycle
Table showing the crossover between MATTR's capabilities and the trust lifecycleTable showing the crossover between MATTR's capabilities and the trust lifecycleTable showing the crossover between MATTR's capabilities and the trust lifecycleTable showing the crossover between MATTR's capabilities and the trust lifecycle
Platform Management

Maintain and configure your digital trust platform, ensuring a secure, scalable infrastructure.


Ecosystem Lifecycles
Ecosystem Operations

Orchestrate and administer digital trust ecosystems, ensuring secure, interoperable interactions among entities.


Ecosystem Lifecycles
Credential Lifecycles
Credential Issuance

Issues digital credentials, certifying attributes or rights securely and verifiably.


Ecosystem Lifecycles
Credential Lifecycles
Credential Verification

Validate digital credentials for authenticity and integrity, critical for trust in transactions.


Ecosystem Lifecycles
Credential Lifecycles
Credential Management

Manage and update credentials throughout their lifecycle, ensuring accuracy for both issuers and holders.


Ecosystem Lifecycles
Credential Lifecycles

Facilitate seamless connections with external systems, enhancing credential utility and ecosystem flexibility.


Credential Lifecycles
Wallet Utilities

Provide tools for secure credential storage, management, and presentation, empowering holders with control over their digital identities.


Credential Lifecycle
Authentication Lifecycle

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