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MATTR’s TrustTech capabilities are built on a foundation of standards and compliance and help to reduce risk while efficiently improving the user experience, leaving no citizen or business behind.

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increase efficiency
Ensure the right services and benefits reach the right people and organizations at the right time

Taxpayers demand that governments spend public money as efficiently as possible — and governments themselves have strong motivations to get the most out of limited budgets. TrustTech equips the public sector with the technical infrastructure and tooling to:

Accelerate digital transformation: replace manual processes and physical documentation with automated workflows built on high assurance digital credentials

Reduce administrative costs: empower more citizens and businesses to transact securely via their preferred digital channels — rather than requiring face-to-face interactions

Scale government services to new heights: enable and leverage trust ecosystems that speed up transactions and dramatically extend reach

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Strengthen safeguards
Increase confidence in government and service integrity by creating a safer environment for people and businesses

To build and maintain the trust essential to their stability, governments are expected to ensure that programs benefit only those who qualify, that everyone pays their fair share, and that sensitive data is protected from theft and misuse. Integrating TrustTech fabric into operations empowers governments to:

Minimize fraud: increase barriers against service abuse/misuse with high assurancedigital products

Reduce financial leakage: simplify compliance and auditability, and increase traceability, toprotect revenue streams

Protect sensitive data: proactively address privacy and security challenges by reducing the spread of personally identifiable information (PII), strengthening authentication, and introducing other countermeasures against social engineering and cyberattacks

Improve user experiences
Speed up service delivery, simplify workflows, and support the transition to convenient and secure digital channels — without leaving anyone behind

Citizens and businesses rightfully expect their governments to keep pace with technological change and to make reasonable efforts to avoid unnecessary complexity. At the same time, governments can’t abandon legacy channels and must follow strict processes to ensure proper program governance. TrustTech helps to bridge these gaps, enabling governments to:

Increase user convenience: digital credentials simplify, secure, and speed up transactions — whether remote or in person

Reduce compliance burdens: trust ecosystems, high assurance data products, enhanced traceability, and other factors slash overhead without compromising integrity

Enhance cross-channel services: TrustTech’s applications aren’t limited to the digital world — enabling modernization without exclusion

Strengthen trust: all parties to a transaction benefit from increased security, privacy, and transparency

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Use Cases for Governments

Simplify administration, reduce costs, and increase trust by leveraging digital capabilities and channels

Leverage high assurance data products to bring practically any traditional identity document into digital ecosystems, including:

Driver's License

Proof of age

Immigration and work permits

Vital records (e.g. births, deaths, marriage, divorce, etc.)

Veteran service cards

With MATTR products and capabilities, your digital identification documents can:

Health cards

Allergy records


Vaccination certificates

Disability permits

Mobile device showing a driver's license credential details

Empower businesses to reach new heights by meeting them where they are — in the digital age

Help businesses thrive while simplifying compliance and administration — for civil servants and for the businesses —with high assurance digital credentials for:

Business permits

Secure forms

Export certificates

Tax numbers / revenue numbers

Occupational licensing


Health and safety permits

Certified goods

Director credentials

Mobile device displaying a proof of account credential details along with a business related document

Implement privacy-respecting digitally verifiable credentials for any kind of health data

In the complex and sensitive healthcare domain, TrustTech enables:

Efficiency and cost savings, including greater audibility

Reduction in health fraud and financial leakage

Portable records — including tamper-evident bearer credentials for domestic and international use — that can be shared at key moments to access services and facilitate better healthcare outcomes

Full credential lifecycle management capabilities support in-life management, revocation, and refresh of digitally verifiable credentials for any kind of health data, including:

Utilize branding to convey existing trusted visuals

Provide status indicators to depict credential issuer and ecosystem trust considerations to users and relying parties

Ensure strong binding to the device and individual holder for high assurance sharing

Maintain level of assurance even when offline

Mobile device showing credential details for a patient's medical prescription along with the option to have the prescriptions delivered to them
Our investment in standards informs everything we do

Standards-first technology that simplifies complexity

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, and our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations.

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