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MATTR Credential Profiles

MATTR Credential Profiles simplify the deep-tech layer of our products to help customers understand how different technologies fit into their unique solution. We take the time to understand your needs and help you choose the Credential Profiles that will bring your use case to life.

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MATTR Credential Profiles are built for the real world

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Foundation First

Built on Open Standards

MATTR Credential Profiles work with W3C JSON-LD Verifiable Credential models, CBOR Web Tokens and more. Dive deeper on the standards powering MATTR products on MATTR Learn.

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MATTR Compact Credentials

Share digitally, or print out and present in-person even when connectivity is limited. Create strong confidence in information assurance, content integrity and authenticity of claims.

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Asset authenticity

Physical assets can be tagged with QR codes, providing confidence in the genuine status of provenance and asset attestations.

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Digital notarisation for permits

Give partners, contractors, customers, and the public the ability to verify the authenticity of permits, licences and/or any notarized document in real time. Attestations can be revoked at any time.

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Event ticketing

Prevent fraud and streamline check-in with tickets and passes that can be conveniently verified as genuine. Allow customers to choose whether to print a paper copy or store in Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

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Test results and qualifications

Empower employers, agencies, and professionals to verify the authenticity of test results and qualifications by scanning 
a QR code using a smartphone.

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MATTR Web Credentials

Digital first by design, high assurance credentials for use in web and app-based interactions.

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Proving personal identity

High assurance credentials where strong confidence in who is presenting the credential is required, e.g. national identity documents or student ID cards.

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Digital notarisation for permits

Empower credential holders to selectively share personal identity attributes in ways that protect their privacy.

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Bringing verifiable data to supply chains

A semantic vocabulary ensures that all parties in the supply chain have a common understanding of information. Digital signatures ensure integrity and authenticity of the data.

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Combining multiple credentials in a single transaction

Save customers' time by creating a single request for information that can automatically and securely combine attributes from multiple credentials. Convenient for situations where multiple data points are required such as eKYC, job applications, and any kind of form-filling

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MATTR Mobile Credentials

High assurance digital credentials for in-person presentation. Supporting a variety of advanced security features, this profile is an ideal choice for use cases requiring higher assurance identity credentials.

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High assurance data

High assurance credentials where strong confidence in who is presenting the credential is required, e.g. drivers licence or birth certificate.

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In-person presentation

Mobile Credentials are stored in a mobile wallet on a mobile device, allowing for credential presentation methods to leverage close proximity technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

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Enhanced privacy

Mobile Credentials support selective disclosure. This means holders can disclose specific parts of a Mobile Credential when presenting it to a verifier, while keeping the rest of the information undisclosed.

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Offline verification

Mobile Credentials are constructed in a way that enables real time offline verification, with no reliance on internet-based technologies. This means any Mobile Credential can always be verified regardless of location and internet coverage.

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