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Incorporate credential verification seamlessly into your existing solutions scross any context, channel, and for every credential profile. Embrace our credential verification capabilities to elevate your organisation's security, efficiency, and user experience.

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Create your custom verifier app using our white-label MATTR GO platform, integrate MATTR VII capabilities seamlessly into your current systems and services, or employ our MATTR Pi SDK to develop bespoke verification applications.
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Unlock Verification Excellence – Swift, Secure, Configurable

Our suite of credential verification solutions offers a comprehensive blend of benefits designed to meet the needs of modern organisations.

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Accelerated Time to Market

Customise our ready-to-use verifier with your branding assets for rapid deployment.

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Enhanced Adoption

Facilitate the swift signing of verification requests on credentials with our efficient key management system.

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Privacy preserving

Apply selective disclosure features to only verify the specific information required, ensuring privacy and data minimisation.

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Powerful APIs

Seamlessly integrate verification capabilities into your existing systems and services with our advanced technology.

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Robust and Flexible SDK

Utilise our SDKs to develop verifier apps tailored to your organisation’s needs, benefiting both your employees and customers.

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Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

Enjoy the flexibility to choose or change your technology solutions without constraints.

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Expert Global Support

Gain access to our global technical experts for support tailored to your unique requirements.

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Maximise your trust lifecycle

Table showing the crossover between Credential Verification and the trust lifecycle
Credential Verification

Validate digital credentials for authenticity and integrity, critical for trust in transactions.


Ecosystem Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle
Journey that works for you

Secure solutions for every Verification Journey

We recognise the unique requirements of every organisation and are dedicated to customising our solution to meet your specific needs. We invite you to engage with us to explore how we can provide optimal support. Our credential verification service encompasses a variety of adaptable patterns, designed to cater to diverse operational contexts.

Phone scanning a QR code to represent supervised verification
Supervised Verification

Ideal for scenarios requiring oversight, ensuring accuracy and integrity in the verification process.

Mobile device at a smart gate representing unsupervised verification
Unsupervised Verification

Offers autonomy in verification, suitable for straightforward, trust-based environments.

Mobile device showing a screen where a user can verify themselves through a credential, to represent holder initiated verification
Holder Initiated

Enables the credential holder to start the verification process, enhancing user convenience and control.

Mobile screens showing a verifier verifying a user's credentials from their end
Verifier Initiated

Allows verifiers to request credential checks, ensuring they receive the necessary validation efficiently.

A desktop and mobile device with verification screens to show remote verification
Remote Verification

Facilitates verification from any location, providing flexibility and reducing the need for physical presence.

Mobile screens showing a user scanning a QR code to represent in=person verification
In-Person Verification

Best for situations where physical verification is necessary, adding an extra layer of security and trust.


Seamless Verification:
Building Trust Across Every Sector

Our Credential Verification solutions play a pivotal role in a wide range of sectors, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of digital credentials. From government services to workforce management, these examples highlight the essential function of our technology in facilitating secure and trustworthy transactions, access, and verification processes across various industries.


Verifying the authenticity of digital ID cards for citizens accessing public services.

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Confirming the validity of digital bank statements during loan applications.

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Checking the legitimacy of digital driver's licences during traffic stops or vehicle registration processes.

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Ensuring the authenticity of professional certifications during the hiring process.

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Validating digital diplomas or certificates for job applications or further education enrolment.

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Our technology expertise spans diverse markets, uniquely positioning us to address specific challenges and drive innovation. Contact us to discover how our solutions can advance your industry goals.

Resources for Credential Verification

If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage our Credential Verification technologies to build your own applications and use cases, take a look at our resources.

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Capabilities for total TrustTech

We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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