Graduate to verifiable digital credentials

MATTR’s TrustTech capabilities modernize how educational qualifications are issued and verified, including degrees, diplomas, micro-credentials, and professional certifications.

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Boost your brand
Execute on your leadership vision by embracing verifiable digital credentials

The competition for students has never been more fierce, making an educational institution’s reputation more important than ever.

TrustTech enables universities, colleges, professional associations, and short course providers to introduce and seamlessly integrate verifiable digital credentials today — showcasing vision, leadership, and execution in transformative times.

Protect your reputation
Stop fraudsters from abusing your brand, with forgery-proof digital credentials 

TrustTech allows educational institutions to issue cryptographically signed digital credentials — for degrees, diplomas, micro-credentials, professional certifications, and more — empowering governments, prospective employers, and other organizations to verify an individual’s claimed qualifications (or to detect fraud). 

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Empower your students and graduates
Equip alumni with portable and convenient tools that prove their qualifications

There are countless scenarios where individuals must demonstrate qualifications — including immigration processes, job applications, career growth, and continuing education.

High assurance digital credentials make it easy for your students and graduates to prove legitimate completion of degrees, diplomas, micro-credentials, professional certifications, and other learning milestones — while protecting your brand from fraudulent claims.

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Use Cases in Education

Provide accurate and secure academic records that extend far beyond the basics

With full credential lifecycle management capabilities, MATTR TrustTech solutions support in-life management, revocation, and refresh of digitally verifiable credentials for any kind of education data, including extended digital transcripts that encompass:

Degrees, diplomas, micro-credentials, certifications, occupational licenses

Courses completed, with associated grades

Work experience (e.g.,mentorships, cooperative education placements, etc.)

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Simplify administration and fight academic fraud with verifiable identity credentials

From course registration, to test-taking and exam-writing, to transferring between institutions, many processes include some aspect of identity verification.

Verifiable credentials speed up these workflows while adding stronger safeguards against academic fraud, and selective disclosure allows students to preserve privacy by providing only the information needed to prove their identity.

A credential showing the option to disable details to lessen the chance of fraud prevention
Our investment in standards informs everything we do

Standards-first technology that simplifies complexity

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, and our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations.

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