A new type of Freedom through Digital Trust

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Don’t start from scratch

Extend your existing investments beyond their traditional touch points

Leverage existing investments in I&AM platforms, IDV checks, and biometrics using our plug-in architecture. Integrate with MATTR capabilities for high levels of flexibility when configuring ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ journeys to support different assurance requirements.

Designed for the real-world

Continuous confidence, uncompromised usability

By focusing on the lifecycle of trust, we help you maintain continuous, moment-to-moment confidence. MATTR platforms bridge source system data, legal identity, authentication factors, and entitlements, keeping them secure and intact for moments that matter.

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Step up assurance when need it
Prebuilt patterns for journeys in any channel
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Designed with people in mind.
High confidence coupled with convenience whenever it matters most.
Create audit trails effortlessly  on the fly.
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Privacy at the core of every interaction.
Consent to share.
Data minimisation through selective disclosure features.
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The next generation of regulatory frameworks are built on interoperability.
The virtuous circle of interoperability drives uptake and enhances unit economics
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Security and operational excellence
Independently audited practices
Backed by the MATTR security framework
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Built for large scale deployments
Resilient by design
Our pricing construct

Scalable pricing solutions for every vision

Our pricing model is designed with your growth in mind, offering adaptable solutions based on interaction or data mobility volumes. Whether you're managing large-scale ecosystems or only starting your journey in digital trust, MATTR supports your goals with a sensible pricing structure that meets your needs.


We don’t just listen, we drive

Take the guess work out. We profile standards so you don’t have to.

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mattr security framework

Operational excellence

Trust is a serious business - so we’ve invested in the MATTR Security Framework (MSF),  a comprehensive structure encompassing people, policies, processes and technology focused on continuous improvement of cybersecurity and security controls. At MATTR we’ve built a culture of security and risk management into our core ways of working and we leverage internal and external audits to ensure we stay on track. Want to know more about how MATTR’s security practices can protect and enable your business?

Integration Ease

Fortify your stack with TrustTech fabric

No matter your organisation’s current technical setup, MATTR’s TrustTech fabric layer infrastructure is designed to uplift or kickstart your solution without superseding your existing technology investments. With a focus on flexibility, our offerings are tailored to enhance your capabilities, ensuring a seamless transition to a future-proofed digital environment.

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MATTR's TrustTech solutions gives governments and organizations the ability to unlock high assurance interactions and securely build trust. Get in touch to learn more or try it out for yourself!

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