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Start your digital wallet journey with MATTR

Seamlessly build digital wallet capabilities into any new or existing application, leveraging MATTRs low code and easy customization capabilities.

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Benefit from our toolsets for holding

Powerful technology, delightful experience

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Prioritise user control and consent

Each wallet is tied to a single device and user. The user is in control of who they share their data with, when they share it, and what they disclose.

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Enhance privacy with selective disclosure

Using MATTR’s leading cryptographic techniques, some credentials come with the ability to reveal only what needs to be confirmed with the verifier and nothing more.

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Hook in to well-known trust signals

Choose custom background colours, upload logos and add watermarks to your digital credentials. Credentials feel more life-like and are more easily trusted by end users.

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Create a thoughtful user experience

Backed by research, the user interface has been designed for easy adoption, making onboarding customers a breeze.

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Make life easy

With support for multiple credential types, end users can keep all their digital documents in one place. Create secure connections, share credentials and keep track of previous interactions right in 
the app.

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Keep in touch with notifications

Messaging and notifications allow you to request information, notify credential revocation or expiry events, offer a new credential for collection and more.

wallet solutions

Wallet solutions that work with you


MATTR Showcase Wallet

The MATTR Showcase Wallet, available for download through the App Store and Google Play, is built using the MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit and showcases everything it has to offer. For selected pilot projects, the MATTR Showcase Wallet can be used directly. Contact us for help selecting the best option for your project.

Built on the robust framework of MATTR Pi

Direct application in selected pilot projects

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go wallet


Leave the technical expertise and complexity to us and build with our white-label wallet option. Benefit from the foundation of our research-informed wallet, and give your end users confidence with a branded offering they know and trust. White-label options are available for selected pre-approved projects. Contact us to discuss whether it would be the right fit for you.

Ready-to-use wallet for you to take to market, no coding required

Distribute directly to customers

Bundle with MATTR’s credential management, messaging and other verifiable data capabilities to create a robust infrastructure for digital trust

Mobile devices displaying the MATTR GO Wallet Toolkit
go wallet

MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit

Bake your own unique experiences with MATTR Pi inside.

Retain flexibility with modular and extensible capabilities to suit your unique needs

Technical documentation and developer support for seamless implementation

Easily integrate with your existing apps to deliver new experiences in any channel

Mobile devices showing the MATTR Pi wallet toolkit screens
Illustration of the imaginary Kakapo Kingdom
See it in Action

Try the MATTR Wallet for yourself today

To showcase just what's possible with verifiable credentials and digital wallets, we’ve created an imaginary “kingdom” called Kākāpō*, where you can collect, hold and share information with the MATTR Getting Started Wallet.

*This figurative land derives its name from the treasured New Zealand native bird, the Kākāpō.

Developer resources

World-class developer tools and support

Designed with developers and implementors in mind, MATTR products are backed by robust security, documentation and support. Dig into our technical docs and guides for more information about how to implement the MATTR Pi Wallet SDK and more.

An overview of code snippets for Developer resources

Resources on Digital Wallets

Our videos, articles and webinars give you answers to your questions in the ever-evolving world of digital wallets and decentralised identity.

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Platform power

Capabilities for total TrustTech

We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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MATTR's TrustTech solutions gives governments and organizations the ability to unlock high assurance interactions and securely build trust. Get in touch to learn more or try it out for yourself!

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