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Elevate Security and Efficiency with Precision

Incorporate credential verification seamlessly into your existing solutions across any context, channel, and for every credential profile.

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Transform Digital Trust – Empower, Secure, Simplify

Allow employees and customers the ability to safely claim, receive and store their credentials. With MATTR's Credential Management solution, you can build new credential wallets or credential management functionality into existing systems and services. Elevate your digital identity management with secure, flexible, and user-centric Credential Management solutions, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern digital ecosystems.

High Assurance

Ensure the integrity of credentials by checking for revocation or tampering, enhancing trust and security.

Reduced Time to Market

Accelerate the deployment of credential management solutions, enabling faster innovation and responsiveness.

Flexible Wallet SDKs

Utilise our SDKs to develop new credential wallets or integrate credential management functionalities into your existing systems and services across various sectors, such as education or healthcare.

Empowered Users

Offer end-to-end credential management capabilities, including privacy, consent, and selective disclosure, giving users comprehensive control over their digital identities.

Branded Solutions

Leverage our white-label solution to launch your own branded credential wallet app, aligning with your brand identity while utilizing our advanced technology.

Comprehensive Management

Facilitate users in claiming, storing, and presenting their credentials with full authority over their privacy and consent, streamlining user interactions.

Freedom from Vendor Lock-In

Enjoy the flexibility of a platform that supports interoperability and prevents vendor dependency, preserving your operational autonomy.

Expert Global Support

Gain access to our global network of technical experts, offering support and insights to maximise the effectiveness of your credential management system.

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Maximise your trust lifecycle

Table showing the crossover between Credential Management and the trust lifecycle
Credential Management

Manage and update credentials throughout their lifecycle, ensuring accuracy for both issuers and holders.


Ecosystem Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle

Diverse Credential management patterns for every environment

Understanding that each organisation has its unique requirements, we're committed to tailoring our solution to meet your specific needs. Let's discuss how we can provide you with the best support. Explore our versatile credential management patterns for every environment.

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In-Person Presentation

Our ready-made verifier can be customised with your branding assets.

Mobile devices showing a verification happening through an online presentation
Online Presentation

Leverage digital wallets for efficient and secure online credential verification.

Illustration of a smart gate showing verification happening at a specialised in-person presentation
Specialised In-Person Presentation

Adapt to complex environments such as airport smart gates, ensuring seamless and secure verification.


Digital Trust, Transformed - Across Industries, Beyond Boundaries

Explore how our Credential Management solutions tailor secure and efficient digital identity management across diverse sectors. From government services to education, these examples demonstrate the versatility and impact of our technology in facilitating secure access, authentication, and document verification, revolutionising industry standards for privacy, accessibility, and user control:


Implementing a digital ID system for citizens, enabling secure access to public services, voting, and tax filing. This system allows individuals to manage their identity credentials, update personal information, and control access permissions for different services.

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Create a unified banking ecosystem that connects banks, fintech companies, and customers through secure digital credentials. This network supports seamless financial transactions, identity verification for loans and account openings, and fraud reduction, fostering trust and innovation in financial services.

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Deploying a digital licensing system for drivers and vehicle registration, enabling individuals to update their licenses, manage vehicle ownership credentials, and share necessary documentation with law enforcement or insurance companies securely.

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Implementing a digital credential wallet for employees to manage their professional certifications, training records, and badges. This allows for easy updating and sharing of credentials with employers, streamlining the hiring process and professional development tracking.

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Offering a digital credentials platform for students and professionals, enabling them to claim, store, and share academic certificates, diplomas, and transcripts with educational institutions or employers, facilitating the verification process and enhancing the portability of academic achievements.

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Made easy with MATTR's TrustTech

Our expertise spans diverse sectors, each with its distinct needs and opportunities for digital transformation. The possibilities for applying our Credential Management solutions are limitless. Let's connect to explore how we can customise our technology to align with your unique challenges and goals, empowering your organisation to thrive in the digital age.

Resources for Credential Management

If you’re interested in learning more about how to leverage our Credential Management technologies to build your own applications and use cases, take a look at our resources.

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Capabilities for total TrustTech

We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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