Secure your workforce with high assurance digital credentials

MATTR’sTrustTech capabilities are modernizing how organizations can efficiently and securely manage their employers, employees, and clients.

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Improve efficiency
Speed up workflows and extend automation with high assurance digital credentials

Despite the digital transformation that has reshaped how today’s organizations operate, many processes still rely on manual activities to acquire information, share data, and validate claims. Through high assurance digital credentials, TrustTech enables organizations of any size to accelerate existing processes and enable new and more efficient ones:

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual data collection with convenient transfers of digital records

Simplify data sharing and avoid privacy concerns by leveraging selective disclosure capabilities

Issue, update, and revoke digital credentials to unlock scale that paperwork just won’t allow

Strengthen security
Reduce operating risks by hardening identity controls and increasing fraud barriers 

Today’s organizations operate in an ever-changing threat environment. Trust is essential for efficient operations, but trust without verification can lead to disruptive cyberattacks, well-hidden fraud, and falling victim to supply chain risks. TrustTech brings the old adage “trust, but verify” into the digital age, making it easy for organizations to:

Strengthen identity and access management (IAM) controls through continuous, tightly coupled binding of identity, authenticators, and entitlements

Guard against invoice fraud by creating “trust networks” of validated vendors and automatically flagging impersonators

Validate claims — from applicant identity, education, and qualifications to supply chain veracity — with cryptographically signed data records

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Support compliance objectives
Implement controls and address auditability requirements to support a wide range of regulatory, standards, and certification objectives

The modern business landscape includes a wide range of:

Regulatory requirements that must be met to operate in a particular jurisdiction

Industry standards to ensure interoperability with others in the market ecosystem

Certifications that demonstrate adherence to particular processes, safeguards, and other elevated qualifications

And meeting these requirements is only part of the challenge, as organizations also have to be able to demonstrate adherence — whether at known intervals (e.g., recertification) or on demand(e.g., when audited). TrustTech supports compliance objectives by making it less onerous for organizations to implement necessary controls —particularly around privacy, cybersecurity, and product provenance — and to prove that they are in place.

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Use Cases for Workforce

Increase confidence and reduce attack vectors with continuous, tightly coupled binding of identity, authenticators, and entitlements

TrustTech enables highly convenient, high assurance experiences in moments that matter — through every stage of the trust lifecycle, including:

Identity proofing

Authenticator enrollment

Entitlement assignment

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Diagram showing the various types of credentials that can be used within the workforce

Equip employees with a convenient way to prove their identity, employment status, and qualifications

Many occupations require employees to visit clients, worksites, remote offices, and other locations. Mobile credentials provide a convenient and high assurance way for third parties to confirm a visitor’s identity, employment status, and qualifications (e.g., workplace training, certifications, etc.) — contributing to safer workplaces, higher trust, and stronger regulatory compliance.

Our investment in standards informs everything we do

Standards-first technology that simplifies complexity

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, and our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations.

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