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High assurance solutions tailored for financial services and financial technology

MATTR’s TrustTech capabilities reduce risk and fraud, while improving efficiency and unlocking new revenue opportunities.

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reduce risk
Combat fraud, strengthen security, and meet compliance obligations

Risk is an everyday reality for financial services (FinServ) and financial technology (FinTech) organizations. Integrating TrustTech into your operations can protect your brand and bottom line by:

Combating fraud: leverage verified credentials to prevent fraudsters from creating accounts or conducting transactions

Preserving privacy and reducing data risks: selective disclosure and verified credentials allow customers to prove identity with minimal information — whilst limiting your need to collect, retain, and safeguard the personally identifiable information (PII) cybercriminals seek out

Protecting customers: enhance defenses against a range of threats targeting your customers, including phishing, account takeovers (ATOs), and invoice scams

Complying with existing and upcoming regulations: stricter privacy protections are already being encoded in regulations, making high assurance a necessity

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Improve efficiency
Accelerate existing workflows while building high assurance into every transaction

The financial services ecosystem runs on processes, making trust and timeliness essential at every scale — from executing a single transaction, to streamlining an organization’s overall operations, to enabling entire schemes and networks. TrustTech empowers you to:

Streamline processes: introduce high assurance digital data/credentials, in place of physical documentation to meaningfully accelerate everyday activities

Lower administrative costs: high assurance digital transactions enable automation of manual workflows

Meet compliance requirements: quickly and cost-effectively satisfy open banking and consumer data rights obligations, while strengthening adherence to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Drive revenue
Unlock new revenue streams, increase relevance with existing customers, and build moats against emerging competitors

The financial services market has always been competitive, and now technology platform players are aspiring to be global Scheme Operators. TrustTech is fast becoming essential for:

Competitive differentiation: stand out in a crowded market with convenient, secure, and privacy-respecting user experiences

Reducing friction: the easier it is to use your products and services, the more your consumer and business customers will do so — improving stickiness and driving transaction fees

Big bets: unlock network-driven revenue by becoming a Scheme Operator — leverage existing evidence-based processes and events to create new high assurance data products

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Use Cases for Banking/Finance

Build equity in your network or scheme

Create new revenue streams with high assurance data products that protect customers and brands.

Anchor trust with onboarding processes for issuers and verifiers

Establish policies and define the rules for all participants

Create wallet or secure app channels for credential holders

Determine the best Credential Profiles for your network and build scale through interoperability

Add more data products(credentials) and capabilities (custodian services, secure confirmation, and more) to build value over time

Create schemes for exchange of value with relying party networks, driving interchange fees with other networks

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Transforming business risk into opportunity with high confidence interactions and non-repudiation

The risk landscape for FinServ and FinTech organizations is getting worse:

Fraudsters are constantly searching for vulnerabilities in people and processes, with social engineering remaining an effective approach

Cyberattackers are developing new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to victimize organizations and individuals

Regulation is creating an ever-higher burden of compliance, often requiring financial services organizations to cover harms

MATTR TrustTech solutions offer a revolutionary approach — combining high assurance data products with new capabilities such as secure confirmation.

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Reduce fraud and protect customers from phishing and scamming — in every channel

Leverage authoritative data about the parties in the ecosystem, signaling in each interaction when it’s safe to transact — and when it’s not.

Shift from “insurer of last resort” to high assurance interactions, reducing costs and strengthening brand equity

Align with open banking concepts, providing confirmation of payee details

Enable improved automation of transactions that start in a lo-fi channel

Unlock the opportunity to provide additional products to enable entire business networks

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Our investment in standards informs everything we do

Standards-first technology that simplifies complexity

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, and our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations.

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