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Quickly leverage MATTR GO capabilities to build your own white-labelled digital apps and experiences.

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key benefits

Your brand, our code. Digital trust experiences at your fingertips.

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Branding Customisation

Elevate user confidence with applications that utilise familiar branding, colours, and logos for intuitive and trusted user experiences.

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Effortless Implementation

With comprehensive step-by-step guides, ready-to-use templates, and dedicated support from MATTR design and technology experts, setting up your applications is a breeze.

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Development Efficiency

Leverage MATTR's deep expertise in verifiable credential technology to save on development resources through our streamlined, no-code solutions.

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Rapid Deployment

Accelerate your product's journey to the market with our tools designed for speed and efficiency.

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Built-in Interoperability

Ensure seamless functionality across the board with MATTR's forward-compatible technology, designed to work with the latest standards.

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Advanced Features

Prioritise user experience with consent-driven processes, secure connections, and the latest architectural innovations central to every MATTR GO experience.


MATTR GO capabilities power your solution

MATTR's platform capabilities allow for breadth, flexibility, and scale to support you in reaching transformative business outcomes.

mattr go solutions

Ready, set, GO - white-label apps to meet the needs of every user

white-label for holding


Built on the robust MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit. It’s easy to utilise market-leading features and flows for holding and managing verifiable credentials. User trust is supported by your brand being present throughout the user experience.

Equip users with a wallet that’s built with usability, accessibility and convenience being top of mind.

Wrap the wallet in the brand your users know and trust.

A visual-first approach with clear signposting and iconography to represent interactions and consent-driven information sharing.

Benefit from MATTR’s commitment to accessibility with interfaces and system that are inclusive and accessible.

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White-Label For Relying Parties

MATTR GO Verifier

Give relying parties the tools they need to confidently verify credentials in your ecosystem.

Decrease time-to-market with a ready-made verifier that can be customised with your branding and business rules

Allow relying parties to verify credentials in real-time for authenticity and integrity

Verify credentials offline

Stand up scalable verifier experiences that will grow with your ecosystem

Mobile devices displaying the MATTR GO Verifier

Resources for MATTR GO

We have a range of articles and videos that deep dive into MATTR GO, our white-label apps and experiences platform.

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Check out our documentation and guides over on MATTR Learn to see how our SDKs can support a range of different use cases.

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