Modernized licensing and registration for the transportation sector

MATTR's TrustTech capabilities are empowering transportation agencies to increase efficiency and trust in order to better serve digital-first customers.

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increase efficiency
Lower administrative costs and speed up service with high assurance data

Through high assurance digital credentials, TrustTech enables transportation agencies to accelerate existing processes and enable new and more efficient ones.

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual data collection with convenient transfers of digital records

Extend automation by leveraging verifiable credentials to eliminate unnecessary manual checks

Enable and extend virtual services without compromising on trust

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Better serve digital-first customers
Satisfy growing expectations for virtual service delivery, automated transactions, and real-time outcomes

Based upon their experiences in other domains and industries, digital-savvy customers expect to be able to conduct licensing and registration transactions virtually, without person-to-person interaction, and with immediate outcomes. TrustTech provides the foundational capabilities that meet such expectations, allowing transportation agencies to:

Instantly issue, update, and revoke licenses and registration — unlocking timeliness and scale that physical documents just won’t allow

Validate claims — from driver identity and qualifications to vehicle ownership — remotely and automatically, with cryptographically signed data records

Equip drivers with digital licenses that can be used to further enable their technology-centric lifestyles

Enable digital identity programs

Execute on government visions for digital identities, leveraging an extensible, interoperable, standards-based TrustTech foundation

Transportation agencies around the world are expected to play a leading role in the widespread adoption of digital identities, but often lack the domain-specific technology expertise to implement such grand visions.

TrustTech provides an interoperable and standards-driven way to bring digital identity initiative to life, empowering agencies to

Create next-generation, tamper-evident, phishing-resistant digital equivalents to today’s physical licensing and registration documents

Introduce new privacy-respecting selective disclosure features for consent-based data sharing

Proactively manage trust with the ability to control lifecycle events including issuance, updates, and revocation

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use cases

Use Cases for Transportation

Proactively design for a digital trust-enabled future in which physical and digital licenses are managed together

Point solutions to introduce digital licenses often require parallel processes and single-purpose technologies — adding more complexity to an already-complicated domain.

In contrast, TrustTech provides a foundation of high assurance data products to unify and modernize administration of:

Physical and digital licensing

Application forms

In-person and online tests

Plus, full lifecycle management capabilities seamlessly integrate with existing processes, making it easy to:

Re-issue expired, lost or stole licenses

Suspend or revoke licenses

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Leverage high assurance credentials to bring vehicle registration into the digital age

Vehicle registration and related processes often require face-to-face interactions, manual verification checks, and paper-centric workflows — which can introduce errors, delays, and unnecessary costs.

TrustTech introduces new capabilities into existing processes, allowing transportation agencies to:

Simplify registration and ownership transfers

Combat resale of stolen vehicles (e.g., VIN fraud)

Improve safety for all road users, with warrants of fitness / certificates of safety

Manage road user charges and subsidies (e.g., EVs)

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Get more out of your modernization initiatives by addressing commercial operator use cases with the same TrustTech infrastructure

The same TrustTech capabilities that modernize everyday license and registration management can also apply to commercial needs, including:

Extended licensing requirements and qualifications

Permit applications, renewals, and payments

Commercial vehicle registration

Collage of documents relevant for commercial operators
Our investment in standards informs everything we do

Standards-first technology that simplifies complexity

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, and our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations.

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