Convenience and compliance done simply

Fabric layer technology for high assurance outcomes in the real world.

Complexity frustrates, drives cost,
and opens new attack vectors

For Organisations
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Risks and costs of doing business have never been higher:

Fraud continues to escalate out of control

Compliance drives friction and increases costs

Brand, reputations, and bottom lines suffer when things go wrong

For People
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Its hard to know what to trust and even harder to get anything done.

eliminate tradeoffs


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Pain and friction
Simple, useful, delightful experiences
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Robust and auditable
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High costs

High assurance meets convenience in any experience

Assured outcomes in moments that matter

Brand differentiation and reputation
Non-repudiation and strong audit trails
Fraud and risk reduction
Efficiencies (Cost)
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Better experiences
Consumer data rights, consent, privacy
Compliance by design
New revenue & business models

TrustTech changes the landscape

News screenshots of data auditing, risk management and financial losses

Assumed consent

Difficult to prove




Compliance burden


Explicit consent


Phishing resistant

Selective disclosure


Protection & value

Insurance to Assurance

Transforming business risk into opportunity

The risk landscape is getting worse. Fraudsters innovate at pace, constantly challenging organisations to prevent new attacks. Regulation is creating an ever-higher burden of compliance, often requiring businesses to cover the mounting cost of fraud harms.

MATTR TrustTech solutions offer a revolutionary approach, giving you new ways to tackle fraud and compliance risks. Our fabric-layer product capabilities help you to build confidence and resilience for the long term.

Products for every part of the ‘Trust Lifecycle’

Ecosystem Lifecycle

Manage your trust network and publish assurances to participants system-wide.

Credential Lifecycle

Package your data as a secure credential and manage its lifecycle from issue to revocation.

Authenticator Lifecycle

Step up assurance at any time.

Diagram of the Trust LifecycleDiagram highlighting the first step of the Trust LifecycleDiagram highlighting the 2nd step of the Trust LifecycleDiagram highlighting the 3rd step of the Trust Lifecycle

A new approach means new opportunities

Whatever type of data you manage, MATTR products give you the capabilities to package and mobilise it securely in any channel.

Contact us explore how our solutions can integrate with your customer journeys, business processes or partner networks to strengthen trust and unlock value in any interaction.

Data Products
The 'what'
The 'how'
Secure Channel
Secure Confirmation
Custodian Services
Trust Marks
Any channel
The 'where'

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