Build your own Digital Credential Experiences

Discover a world of infinite potential with MATTR Pi APIs and SDKs, meticulously crafted for those looking to craft bespoke digital credential experiences or seamlessly integrate with an existing framework.

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key benefits

Secure, efficient, and customizable

MATTR Pi toolkits enable secure and efficient development options, that are customizable and  future-proof.

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Rapid Market Entry

With MATTR Pi, you gain access to a versatile and reliable toolkit that encapsulates all the essential groundwork, enabling your applications to leverage verifiable credentials and significantly reduce your time to market.

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MATTR's Pi SDKs are designed with native iOS and Android support, ensuring optimal performance and seamless integration for any existing or new mobile application. They are also wrapped for React Native, offering flexibility and ease of use across different mobile development environments.

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Secure & Compliant

Benefit from our rigorous quality engineering practices and thorough security audits within the MATTR Security Framework, offering you not just technology but confidence and peace of mind.

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Future-Ready Innovation

Stay ahead in the fast-evolving TrustTech landscape with our proactive investment roadmap, ensuring you always have access to the latest innovations and capabilities.


MATTR PI capabilities power your solution

MATTR's platform capabilities allow for breadth, flexibility, and scale to support you in reaching transformative business outcomes.

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One Pi, Endless Possibilities

MATTR Pi APIs and SDKs are packaged into convenient toolkits that will have you creating world-class experiences in no time.



The toolkit features APIs and SDKs designed to empower end users with the ability to securely and privately save credentials on their own devices, whether as a standalone option or seamlessly integrated within an existing application.

Manage keys and identifiers with ease

Collect, store and present credentials

Support secure messaging

Flexibility to build a wallet from scratch or integrate into an existing digital channel

Leverage common tooling across different technology platforms (iOS and Android)

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White-Label For Relying Parties

MATTR Pi Verifier SDKs

Support in-person presentation and verification, even when offline. Our toolkit provides everything required to fast-track the creation of your bespoke verification applications.

Validate credential authenticity

Verify credentials offline

Build your own Compact and Mobile Credential verification solutions into existing applications or develop a new app from scratch

Build apps to support your verifiers with cached revocation and trusted issuer lists

Leverage either common or native tooling across different technology platforms (iOS and Android) for Mobile Credentials verification.

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Resources for MATTR Pi

We have a range of articles and videos that deep dive into Pi, our SDK functionality and the solutions they enable.

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Check out our documentation and guides over on MATTR Learn to see how our SDKs can support a range of different use cases.

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