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Secure and Simplified Credential Management

Welcome to a world where issuing and managing credentials is simpler, safer, and more secure.

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Digital Credentials Reimagined: Secure, Flexible, Interoperable

Secure, flexible, and user-centric Credential Management solutions, designed to meet the evolving needs of modern digital ecosystems. Build new credential wallets or  credential management functionality into existing systems and services.

Universal Compatibility

Issue credentials across any profile, format, and channel, ensuring global recognition and acceptance.

Freedom of Choice

Benefit from a system designed to prevent vendor lock-in, offering you the flexibility to choose or change your technology providers without constraints.

Enhanced Privacy

Incorporate privacy-preserving features into your credentials, safeguarding end-user data against unauthorised access and breaches.

Unmatched Flexibility

Enjoy support for multiple credential formats and diverse claim methods, including direct and via OpenID Connect, catering to a wide range of needs.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Our tamper-proof credentials make it straightforward to verify the validity of the information they contain, instilling trust and confidence.

Standards Compliance

Rest assured with a solution that adheres to the latest industry standards for compliance and interoperability, ensuring seamless integration.

Selective Disclosure

Empower end-users with the ability to choose exactly what information they share, enhancing privacy and control over personal data.


Easily revoke credentials when necessary, providing an additional layer of security and trust in the management of digital identities.

Global Expertise

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our global technical experts, dedicated to supporting you at every step of your digital credential journey.

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Maximise your trust lifecycle

Table showing a crossover between Credential Issuance and the trust lifecycle
Credential Issuance

Issues digital credentials, certifying attributes or rights securely and verifiably.


Ecosystem Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle
Journey that works for you

Augmenting any Credential Journeys

Every organisation has its unique needs, and we’re here to tailor our solution to fit yours perfectly. Let's discuss how we can provide the support you require. Explore our diverse Credential Issuance and claiming patterns designed for versatility and efficiency.

Mobile devices showing a holder-initiated credential issuance
Initiation by Holder or Issuer

Allows either party to start the credential process, offering flexibility in how credentials are requested and issued.

Mobile device showing multiple credential profiles in one workflow
Multiple Credential Profiles in a Single Issuance Workflow

Streamlines the issuance of various types of credentials simultaneously, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Mobile device showing the direct issuance of credentials along with a desktop view of an online portal issuing credentials
Direct Issuance or Through an Online Portal

Provides the option to issue credentials instantly or via a user-friendly online platform, catering to different user preferences and needs.

Mobile screens showing the integration capability that the credential issuer can utilise
Integration with Existing Authentication Protocols and Claims Sources

Ensures a smooth incorporation into current systems, allowing for a seamless and secure verification process.

Screens showing the ability to customise webhooks according to the needs of a business
Configurable Webhooks for Custom Business Logic

Enables the customisation of issuance workflows with specific business rules, allowing for a highly tailored and efficient credential issuance process.

Mobile devices showing an example of a credential being revoked
Credential Revocation

Provides the capability to invalidate credentials when necessary, ensuring the integrity and up-to-dateness of the credential system. This feature is crucial for maintaining the security and reliability of the issued credentials.


Reimagined - Bridging Industries, Transforming Markets

Our Credential Issuance capabilities are transforming the landscape across various industries, simplifying and securing the issuance of essential digital documents. From government identification to educational achievements, this list showcases how our innovative solutions are streamlining processes, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring the integrity of digital credentials for individuals and organisations alike.


Issuing digital passports or national ID cards to citizens, streamlining identity verification processes for government services.

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Creating digital bank statements or proof of transactions for individuals and businesses, enhancing online banking experiences.

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Generating digital driver's licences or vehicle registration documents, facilitating easier access and verification.

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Creating digital employee badges or professional certifications, enabling seamless verification of qualifications and employment history.

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Awarding digital diplomas or certificates to students upon completion of courses or degrees, simplifying record-keeping and verification for educational institutions.

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We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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