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Building Digital Trust –
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Facilitate high-assurance outcomes at scale and empower the establishment of networks centred around value exchange.

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Ecosystems 101

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Digital trust ecosystems are networks of organisations, systems, and technologies that collaboratively ensure the security, privacy, and reliability of digital transactions and interactions.

These ecosystems are built on the foundation of trust enabled by digital means, facilitating secure and verifiable exchanges of information, goods, and services.

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MATTR offers a robust framework for developing digital trust networks, ensuring security, scalability, and high performance. Emphasising advanced security protocols, interoperability, and state-of-the-art technologies, we empower organisations to securely establish and manage digital identities and transactions.

Our decentralised, user-centric approach enhances data control and privacy, complemented by a scalable infrastructure that accommodates the increasing complexity of digital interactions.

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This holistic solution not only strengthens trust across digital operations but also unlocks new avenues for value creation and revenue streams, leading to innovation and efficiency for limitlessly connected ecosystems.


Trust Networks Redefined:
A new era of Digital Connectivity

Discover the key advantages of our digital trust ecosystem, crafted to enhance security, integration, and trust in your digital landscape. Here’s how we propel your organisation towards a secure, trusted, and innovative future.

Unlock Next Level Digital Trust

Elevate the reliability and credibility of your digital interactions, transcending traditional boundaries to foster deeper connections and confidence among users.

Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Benefit from unparalleled guidance and assistance from industry specialists dedicated to navigating you through the complexities of establishing and maintaining your digital trust ecosystem.

Security and Privacy at the Core

Relationships, process and data operate within a single domain, i.e. within an organisation.

Built to Integrate with Existing Systems and Infrastructure

Relationships, process and data operate within a single domain, i.e. within an organisation.

implementation patterns

Custom trust pathways – tailoring Ecosystem workflows to fit your world

At the heart of our approach is the recognition that every organisation has its unique requirements and usage patterns. We appreciate that the diversity of your needs demands flexible and adaptable solutions.
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Applying Ecosystem Trust to an Issuance Workflow:
Tailor your credential issuance processes by leveraging the trust established within your ecosystem.
This pattern enables you to integrate the foundational trust of your network directly into the issuance of credentials, ensuring that each credential is backed by the integrity and reputation of your ecosystem from the moment of creation.
Illustration showing the verification workflow
Applying Ecosystem Trust to an Verification Workflow:
Enhance your verification processes by embedding the trust of your ecosystem into every step.
This approach allows for credentials to be verified not just on the basis of their inherent data, but also considering the trusted environment from which they originate, providing an additional layer of confidence and security.

Transforming Digital Trust across industries

Discover the breadth of our ecosystem capabilities, designed to create secure and dynamic networks across a variety of markets. Harness the adaptability and transformative power of our solutions in establishing trusted environments in your industry. By enabling seamless connections, verified interactions, and efficient operations, our technology is setting new benchmarks for security, efficiency, and user empowerment.


Implement a secure digital ID system for citizens, facilitating easier access to public services, voting, and healthcare. This ecosystem enables government agencies to efficiently manage citizen identities, enhancing service delivery while ensuring data privacy and security.

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Create a unified banking ecosystem that connects banks, fintech companies, and customers through secure digital credentials. This network supports seamless financial transactions, identity verification for loans and account openings, and fraud reduction, fostering trust and innovation in financial services.

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Develop a comprehensive digital transport network that integrates ticketing, identity verification, and real-time information sharing across public and private transport modes. This system improves passenger experiences, streamlines operations, and enhances safety measures through verified digital identities and tickets.

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Build a workforce development ecosystem that links employers, employees, training providers, and certifying bodies. This platform supports career advancement through verified professional credentials, skill badges, and continuous learning opportunities, enhancing employability and workforce agility.

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Deploy a digital credentialing system for educational institutions, students, and employers. This network enables the secure issuance, storage, and verification of academic credentials, simplifying admissions, transfers, and job applications while ensuring the authenticity of qualifications.

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Maximise your trust lifecycle

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Ecosystem Operations

Orchestrate and administer digital trust ecosystems, ensuring secure, interoperable interactions among entities.


Ecosystem Lifecycle
Credential Lifecycle
Platform power

Capabilities for total TrustTech

We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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