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Digital Wallets Redefined:
Powering Privacy, Control and Trust

Our digital wallet utilities revolutionise personal data management by emphasising user control, privacy, and a seamless experience, offering a suite of features designed to simplify, secure, and enhance the digital journey.

Empower User Control and Consent

Empower users with complete control over their data. They decide when, how, and what information to share, ensuring a privacy-first approach to data disclosure.

Maximise Privacy

Enhance user privacy by enabling selective disclosure to only share necessary information during verification processes, thanks to advanced cryptographic techniques.

Trust-Enhancing Customisation

Elevate trust in digital credentials with the option to personalize them using custom colours, logos, and watermarks, making them more relatable and credible to users.

User-Friendly Design

Benefit from a thoughtfully designed user interface, researched and developed for effortless adoption, streamlining customer onboarding.

Make Life Easy

Offer users the convenience of storing various types of digital documents in one place, enabling secure sharing and easy tracking of interactions within the app.

Stay Connected with Notifications

Keep users informed and engaged with timely notifications about credential requests, revocation, expiration, and new credential availability, enhancing communication and responsiveness.

Mobile device showing a wallet screen
wallet solutions

Selecting the optimal wallet solution depends on your specific needs

If you're looking to explore the capabilities and understand the potential of digital wallets, the MATTR Showcase wallet is an excellent starting point. It allows you to trial features and grasp what's achievable without a significant commitment. For those aiming to craft a bespoke wallet experience, either as a standalone application or integrated within an existing platform, the MATTR Pi Wallet SDK offers the flexibility and tools needed to design a solution that aligns perfectly with your vision and user requirements.

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Maximise your trust lifecycle

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Wallet Utilities

Manage and update credentials throughout their lifecycle, ensuring accuracy for both issuers and holders.


Ecosystem Lifecycle

Resources on Digital Wallets

Our videos, articles and webinars give you answers to your questions in the ever-evolving world of digital wallets and decentralised identity.

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Capabilities for total TrustTech

We have comprehensive capability offerings across ecosystem, credential, and authentication lifecycles.

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