Product update: February 2024

MATTR • Feb 05, 2024 • 8 mins read

Introducing MATTR GO Verifier – your brand, our code. 

Getting started with credential verification just got easier with the launch of the new MATTR GO Verifier. No need to develop your own credential verification app when you can customise ours with your brand and business rules whilst leveraging MATTR’s world-class technology and expertise.

The MATTR GO Verifier helps you kickstart your verifiable credentials ecosystem by providing practical tools for relying parties. With support for MATTR’s Compact Credential profile, and Mobile Credential profile support coming later this quarter, the MATTR GO Verifier is ideal for your real-time verification use cases, whether online or offline.

Available for both iOS and Android, MATTR GO Verifier joins MATTR GO Wallet as part of the MATTR GO platform. These ready-to-go white label products are designed to accelerate your credential verification journey by eliminating the cost, time and complexity of developing your own apps from scratch.

Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get going with credentials verification using our world-class MATTR GO toolset.

Multiple use cases for different industries 

MATTR GO Verifier is a versatile tool that can unlock new value in many different industries. Here are just a few industries and use cases where in-person verification of credentials using MATTR Go Verifier could help you streamline operations and reduce risk:

Innovative features for MATTR GO Verifier 

MATTR GO Verifier launches with a set of key features designed to make the verification process simple, secure and accessible for your verifiers and relying parties:

  • Two display modes: Verifiers can switch between a simple verification screen with pass/fail status or a detailed screen with pass/fail status and credential attributes.

  • Front and rear camera support: Use the rear camera to scan QR codes on a document, then switch to the front camera and turn the app into a self-service kiosk. Hold a QR code-based credential (e.g. e-ticket) in the scan frame and instantly see the verification result.

  • Flexible configuration: Restrict the issuers that can be verified. These ‘trusted’ lists are checked as part of each verification interaction.

  • Multi-platform support: Use the app on iOS 12.4 or higher and Android 9 or higher.

  • Flashlight activation: Makes it easier to scan and verify QR codes in low-light settings.

What’s next for the MATTR GO Platform 

We’re continuing to invest in the MATTR GO Platform to provide practical tools for every budget. Watch out for our April release where we’ll be announcing support for our Mobile Credentials Profile in the MATTR GO Wallet and MATTR GO Verifier app, enabling high assurance verification across all of your in-person channels.

Contact us for more information about the MATTR GO Platform products or to discuss which Credential Profile is best for your business requirements.

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