Build and scale from ground zero with MATTR GO white-label apps and experiences.

Bundle all the benefits of MATTR’s world-class technology, expertise and support with your own brand and logos for a solution that gets you going quickly.


Ready, set, GO: For all your users

White-label for Holding


Built on the robust MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit. It’s easy to utilise market-leading features and flows for holding and managing verifiable credentials. User trust is supported by your brand being present throughout the user experience.


  • Equip users with a wallet that’s built with usability, accessibility and convenience being top of mind.
  • Wrap the wallet in the brand your users know and trust
  • A visual-first approach with clear signposting and iconography to represent interactions and consent-driven information sharing.
  • Benefit from MATTR’s commitment to accessibility with interfaces and system that are inclusive and accessible.
  • Stay up to date with the latest verifiable credential technology and architecture stacks with MATTR’s interoperable solutions and wallet roadmap
  • Allows users to collect, store and share credentials from any compatible issuance system


White-label for Relying Parties

MATTR GO Verifier

Give relying parties the tools they need to confidently verify credentials in your ecosystem.


  • Decrease time-to-market with a ready-made verifier that can be customised with your branding and business rules
  • Allow relying parties to verify credentials in real-time for authenticity and integrity
  • Verify credentials offline
  • Stand up scalable verifier experiences that will grow with your ecosystem


Build your complete digital trust ecosystem with MATTR

Pair MATTR GO experiences with MATTR products to create robust infrastructure for digital trust.

MATTR VII’s credential lifecycle capabilities enable issuance verification and holding of credentials. MATTR Pi offers endless software flexibility to meet evolving needs apps and experiences in your ecosystem as it grows. Together, they can create the future you can’t imagine you lived without.

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