Confidently build digital trust into your organisation with MATTR VII (“seven”), our comprehensive set of APIs that offer developers convenience without compromising flexibility or choice.


MATTR VII mobilises your credential trust architecture

We have the capability for your needs, regardless of the role you play in the trust ecosystem.

Credential Issuance
Create and issue any type of credential.

Credential Management
Build new credential wallets or integrate credential management into your infrastructure.

Credential Verification
Real time verification in any context, in-person and/or online.

Security practices

Digital trust is a serious business, and we take our responsibilities seriously. Privacy and security are embedded by design in everything MATTR does.

We’ve established the MATTR Security Framework to align our compliance and processes to the standards trusted by our customers.

We can tailor specific operational practices to align to your local compliance frameworks – talk to us about your specific needs.

Deployment options

Our range of deployment options will both meet your requirements and securely underpin your organisation’s digital trust offerings.

MATTR VII Public Cloud

There’s a low barrier to entry with multi-tenant environments - and you can flexibly productionise and scale use cases all the way up to advanced enterprise grade set-ups as required.

Our Public Cloud infrastructure and Enhanced Service Level Add-ons meet high end enterprise needs globally. We currently have regional support in North America and Australasia, with support in Europe following shortly.

MATTR VII Private Cloud

When a dedicated private cloud instance of MATTR VII is more appropriate, we are able to provide options for geographical deployment and customised SLAs.

Complete your trust ecosystem with MATTR baked in

MATTR Pi, our SDK centric-platform for flexible toolkits, lets you create credential experiences your users will love.

Every piece of the Pi has MATTR's commitment to security, techincal excellence and world-class developer support baked in.

Explore technical documentation on MATTR VII

Check out our documentation and tutorials over on MATTR Learn to see how MATTR VII can support a range of different decentralised identity capabilities and use cases.

Ready to get started?

Our capabilities give you powerful ways to build trust and prove the origin and authenticity of information about people, organisations and things.

Get in touch with us or experience the MATTR VII platform yourself.