Solving significant real world problems in today's digital economy

At MATTR, our team of engineers, scientists, creatives and business minds is committed to creating the future that people can't imagine they lived without.

We do this by creating the digital building blocks that will help make every day better for individuals, communities, enterprises and countries.

Established in February 2019 with an independent and unique remit, MATTR is a subsidiary of New Zealand's leading digital services company, Spark.

MATTR headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand but we collaborate with people from all over the world.

Meet the team

MATTR founder and CEO, Dr. Claire Barber, was previously Chief Digital Officer and Product Director at Spark, New Zealand’s leading telecommunications and ICT provider.

With over 20 years of international experience in technology, and a PhD from the University of Northumbria in the UK, Claire is actively engaged in the next wave of disruptive technologies and a passionate advocate for the opportunities Trust-over-IP presents.

Adrian likes to get things done. He’s been getting things done for far too long to mention and brings a wealth of experience from previous roles in development, solution design, project management, solution consulting, account management and partner management which allows him to rapidly build trust based relationships with his customers and partners. Adrian’s focus at MATTR is to lead customer engagements and build lasting relationships.

Luke is a passionate technologist and entrepreneur at heart with a pragmatic focus on product market fit. Leading out on product at MATTR, Luke is committed to building solutions that users will love. He is an active community contributor and currently chairs the design working group of Digital Identity New Zealand. Luke has a wicked sense of humour and is not above making himself the subject of the joke.

Emily leads Digital Trust at MATTR. She has a deep interest in the impact that emerging technologies will have on data protection and digital identity. Emily is an advocate for privacy by design, and the role that trust frameworks have realising this mission.

Emily has a background in law and technical consulting, with a dissertation on blockchain technology under her belt. With her passion for technology, Emily enjoys translating technical concepts into digestible themes for policymakers and other non-technical audiences. Emily is a frequent panelist and speaker at conferences and events.

Josh is an engineering leader and technologist with over 12 years’ experience building critical business applications.

Passionate about technology innovation, Tobias has a background in software and hardware engineering and a Masters from the University of Auckland.

Tobias is an active contributor to open source community efforts in the Trust-over-IP (TOIP) / Self-Sovereign Identity space and leads MATTR’s community efforts. Outside of work he loves sport, with a particular passion for surfing, skiing, sailing and mountain biking.

Passionate about design systems with a focus on accessibility, simplicity and reusability, Josh leads the experience design and customer testing at MATTR. Josh has more than 17 years’ experience in design and development in New Zealand and the UK. In recent years, Josh has been driving design standards, processes and automation opportunities at Lightbox and Spark New Zealand.

At MATTR, Ravi leads out on architecture practices and governance. With a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a number of years under his belt as a developer, Ravi has a passion for architecture and end-to-end solutioning.

With over a decade of significant experience in technology companies, Ravi now specialises in decentralised identity capabilities. He is also crazy about cricket!

Dmitry is a passionate tech enthusiast working as an Engineer at MATTR. Meetups speaker and organiser, he witnessed too many tabs vs spaces debates over his years to urge him to stay pragmatic and let the code speak.

Born and raised in Ural, Russia - a border between Europe and Asia - he carries this cultural duality through his life, preferring writing code with a fountain pen.

An aspiring landscape photographer, who doesn't understand the fuss about rugby when ice hockey is indisputably superior, Dmitry also prefers tea to coffee.

With 10 years of international experience in technology, Minnelise is at the heart of our MATTR CoLab team. Minnelise runs the ToIP incubator operations and acts as the MATTR host and facilitator for collaborations. She never has a bad day!

Liam Tait is a full-stack developer at MATTR. He has a passion for creating functional, user centric applications. He has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science, and is passionate and dedicated to creating excellent experiences for everyone.

Neha has over 10 years’ experience working for various technology companies across the globe.

At MATTR, Neha spans the product development to quality assurance lifecycle. She has a passion for developing solutions that others love to use and embeds quality practices from the outset. An avid reader, Neha has a particularly keen interest in the classics and science fiction novels.

Ken has more than 13+ years’ experience in the development of applications with local and global companies. His experience spans a wide range of industries including utilities, telco, banking, payment and blockchain. In his spare time, Ken enjoys FPV drones and home automation tech.

Ria is the one-woman pit crew to CEO Claire Barber and the team. She’s been changing the wheels and ensuring Claire’s aerodynamics are the best they can be for over four years.

When she’s not at the pitstop, she’s singing The Wheels on the Bus, pulling funny faces and building towers to knock down with her daughter.

Kyle wants to see a world where passwords are eliminated as the primary form of authentication. This vision led him to be an eager contributor to the design and development of the DIDComm protocol along with other standards in the decentralised identity community.

Loaded with a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Iowa, a penchant for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, and a need to enhance human cultures everywhere with self-sovereign identity systems, Kyle launches himself headfirst into active like-minded communities that embrace these topics.

When Kyle isn't designing standards for breakfast, eating code for lunch, and evangelising self-sovereign identity for dinner, he enjoys skiing, cycling, and traveling. So far, Kyle claims his favorite place visited is Tanzania where he particularly enjoyed Mafia Island.

Colin has over 10 years’ experience in designing and building mission critical software with global companies. He has a strong academic background and loves solving problems. Colin is passionate about new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking. Prior to joining MATTR, he was engaged in developing solutions that enable efficient and smart business communication.

A MATTR Engineer, James comes equipped with experience in a vast range of environments from coffee corporates, fast paced Red Bull-fueled startups, and pants-less contracting. James holds a BSc in Computing Science. From a love/hate relationship with compilers in his early teens creating, modifying and hosting games on incompetent internet plans, James now prefers to dedicate time developing applications that solve more crucial issues other than boredom. In his spare time, he spends far too many hours in and on the water for a terrestrial.

Larvena has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is a software test analyst at MATTR. She enjoys engaging with new technologies, is passionate about testing and is an integral part of quality assurance at MATTR.

For fun she enjoys cooking, shopping, reading and Zumba fitness classes.

During his career, Paul has contributed to the development of pioneering applications in computer telephony, unified communications and location services, which are now embedded in present-day life. He now applies this experience to the field of decentralised applications.

Software development is a creative process, where ideal solutions emerge when teams have a clear view of the wider context and are not constrained by preconceptions. As part of the MATTR team, his role involves collaboratively uncovering the core business needs, and working within the team to ensure the creation and delivery of valuable solutions that address them.