MATTR actively collaborates with community members globally on standards development for Decentralised Identity.

We believe in creating tangible, well-documented reference implementations of our work to enable the community to solve problems faster.

MATTR OpenSource drives collaboration in the technical community

Verifiable credentials from MATTR - Sovrin

The rapid speed of expansion in the Sovrin developer community simply can’t go ignored. When in late 2018, there were only a few organizations devoting time and resources to the development of self-sovereign identity (SSI) solutions, there are now dozens of entities working intently on SSI solutions for deployment on the Sovrin Network. One such... Read more

Our focus

  • Technical Specifications
  • Developers
  • Ecosystem

MATTR contributes extensively to a number of specifications and emerging standards for protocols, components, and data formats across the Decentralised Identity ecosystem.

We create best-in-class tools and reference implementations which empower developers to start building the next generation of Decentralised Identity applications. Head over to the MATTR GitHub page to find out more.

At MATTR we work hard to bring the best ideas together through open-source. We believe it takes the collective power of the brightest minds to make a vision a reality.

A thriving ecosystem of committed community partners means we can all unlock the value delivered by Decentralised Identity faster.

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