Cloud deployment options tailored to your needs

MATTR VII meets you where you are

Public AWS cloud deployments are available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia. Private cloud and customer dedicated cloud options are available across the globe.

They’re all backed by our rigorous security and compliance standards: the MATTR Security Framework.

Secure deployment into the cloud

Robust security, privacy and operational practices and controls underpin our environments and deployment options. You can rest assured that all deployment options are secure.

When you choose MATTR for your digital trust offerings, we’ll work with you to determine which deployment options are right for your service management needs and budget.

MATTR SaaS Public Cloud

Public cloud deployments work exceptionally well for many organisations, large and small. There is a low barrier to entry, which lets you quickly set up solutions and integrate them with your current systems.

Our multi-tenanted public cloud environments easily scale to meet enterprise-level needs and enhanced services are available, e.g. onboarding assistance, compliance assistance and more.

Customer keys and data are always kept private and cannot be accessed by other customers.

Available in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia.

For those customers with specific compliance, control or data sovereignty needs, we also offer private cloud deployment options.

These include:

MATTR SaaS Private Cloud

Private cloud environments only contain your tenants and allow you more control over the change management and versioning of software across environments.

Though maintenance events are rare and we always schedule them outside of regional business hours – a private cloud allows you to choose timings to suit your business needs.

Platform resources are dedicated to your tenants. Private cloud and supporting processes can often be adjusted to meet additional compliance requirements if needed.

Available globally.

MATTR Managed Customer Cloud

If your business has strict data sovereignty needs or compliance and security requirements for cloud environments and your existing cloud environment has already been certified (beyond standard AWS compliance, MATTR Security Framework and SOC2 compliance), our platform solutions can be deployed in a customer cloud that is managed by us.

Some setup, configuration, environment management and operational practices can be tailored to meet customer needs.

Available globally.

Still not sure which option is best for you?

Whatever your compliance, control and data sovereignty requirements, we can tailor a deployment solution for your unique business needs.