Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Extend your organisation's technology stack or build out an entirely new category of application for when you need to put credentials in to the hands of your end-users.


Surface credential capabilities in your apps

Whether integrating to an existing capability or creating something new, we offer SDKs designed to get you started faster.

Credential Verification
Real time verification in any context, in-person and/or online.

Credential Management
Build new credential wallets to integrate credential management.

Our solutions

Significantly reduce your development time and ensure a consistent user experience when you leverage our SDKs.

Hold credentials

Enable end-users to securely and privately store credentials they have been issued on their own device, whether standalone or integrated to an existing app.

Verify data

Online or offline verification enabled by our SDKs is quick, easy, and preserves your end-user's privacy.

Implementation options

Wallet and Verifier solutions you can build yourself from the SDK or fast-track with our white-label option.

Build it yourself

Take advantage of our SDKs to build apps that work for your organisation – significantly reduce development time and maintain a consistent user experience.


When speed to market is a priority, our white-label apps are a turnkey solution for rolling out production ready, custom branded Wallet or Verifier apps to your end-user base.

Explore technical documentation for SDKs

Check out our documentation and tutorials over on MATTR Learn to see how our SDKs can support a range of different use cases.

Ready to get started?

Our technologies give you powerful ways to build trust and prove information about people, organisations and things.

Need a credential solution? Get in touch with us to find out how SDKs give you the flexibility to tailor the experience.