Introducing MATTR Pi: Flexible toolkits for evolving needs

MATTR • Feb 22, 2023 • 1 min read

Today we are excited to announce the launch of MATTR Pi ("pi"). Designed for customers who want to build their own digital credential experiences from the ground up, MATTR Pi is our SDK-centric platform with toolkits and best in class documentation to unlock endless possibilities for your business.

Whilst pi (π) is a mathematical constant, its decimals are infinite. All MATTR Pi SDKs and APIs have our rigorous commitment to international standards and leading security practices baked in, but they equip you with the limitless potential to create value in this new world of digital trust.

In launching MATTR Pi, we are doubling down on our investment in the tools you need to develop safe and secure digital interactions for everyone in your universe. Over the next two years, you will see us continue to launch new tools, configurable and with pre-built features and capabilities for credential management and verification.

Toolkits for holding and verifying credentials your way

MATTR Pi is designed to work independently or alongside MATTR VII, our flagship API platform. The MATTR Pi foundations, available today, include the Wallet Toolkit and Verifier Toolkit. Packaging is based on a number of factors including your selection of credential profile(s) and value-add features like data synchronisation and other cloud-supported backend functions. Each package is tailored for the needs of your ecosystem as it evolves and is designed to be augmented with add-on capabilities from both VII and Pi.

MATTR’s wallet and verification solutions extend beyond SDKs. If you are in the early stages of your work with verifiable credentials and digital trust, MATTR’s Getting Started Wallet or white-label options can help showcase your use case in pilot projects. Read more about our wallet solutions. Additionally, we offer simple, out-of-the-box verifier app solutions. Read about our verification solutions. 

For more about MATTR’s point of view of the role of wallets in credential lifecycle management and design considerations for issuers and ecosystem operators, see our latest article – Wallets in the wild: Building digital trust that scales. For an introduction to digital wallets for humans, read our digital wallets 101 article.

We're excited to bring this new suite of options to you, to help you bring your verifiable credential solutions to life. We can't wait to see what can be created with MATTR Pi inside. Explore the current MATTR Pi toolkits or talk to us about our current investment roadmap including new synchronisation and recovery capabilities and new credential formats, supported by the MATTR Pi platform.