What's new in the MATTR universe: September 2023 product update

MATTR • Sept 19, 2023 • 8 min read

September 2023 product release

Our team has been hard at work shaping the market, and we're thrilled to unveil the exciting product features and updates we've brought to life in the last few months.

With this product update, we are continuing our commitment to bringing customers the latest innovations in the space, more tools to support operations across the whole ecosystem and enhancing user security and experience:

  • Create privacy-preserving solutions with the implementation of the latest version of the BBS cryptographic scheme for verifiable credentials and more.
  • Get more out of our OpenID Credential Issuance flow, including issuing multiple credential profiles within the same flow.
  • Manage your ecosystem lifecycle in a faster and simpler way using our new self-service portal and API suite for MATTR VII ecosystem operators. These include tenant and DID management, access to analytics and more.
  • Get more options over how much information is received when verifying a credential, taking advantage of enhancements made to verification responses.
  • Issue multiple credential types from a single issuer identifier (DID) using multiple key support in DID documents.
  • Jumpstart your ecosystem using our brand new white-label apps platform – MATTR GO!.

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Read on for more information about these features.

Advanced key management with the latest version of the BBS cryptographic scheme

The BBS cryptographic scheme is close to our hearts at MATTR, with our technology experts contributing to its evolution over the last three years. With this product release, we’ve made the latest version of BBS available across our platforms, wallet and verifier products and SDKs. We have also open sourced our pairing crypto library for all to use.

We strongly believe BBS is an excellent option for verifiable data and credentials for many reasons, but one of the main things that set it apart is its unique combination of properties that enable selective disclosure, unlinkability, and proof of possession.

If you are interested in more detail on what the BBS scheme is, what it enables and how it can be applied, check out our article on BBS as a building block for privacy-by-design.

Do more with OpenID credential issuance

In our April product update, we announced that we were adding support for the OpenID4VCI protocol for credential issuance, including several new features to make issuance more flexible for customers and more enjoyable for end users.

In addition to greatly simplifying the process of setting up, configuring and issuing credentials, our recent release enables new OpenID credential provisioning journeys:

  • Using interaction hooks to integrate additional steps to the credential-claiming journey such as additional biometric checks, identity assurance flows, or informational screens.
  • Issuing multiple credentials to a wallet holder within a single journey or flow.
  • Connecting data sources to provide claims that are used in issued credentials.

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Our recent release adds even more features within this flow:

  • Using the OpenID4VCI protocol to issue Compact Credentials.
  • Issuing multiple Credential Profiles of the same credential within one user journey. For example, issue a Compact Credential and a Web Credential, which include the same information, within a single flow.

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Refer to the OpenID Credential Provisioning tutorial on MATTR Learn for more information on the OpenID credential issuance flow.

Ecosystem management tools

MATTR VII already helps issuers, holders and verifiers manage the credential lifecycle, and we are launching an all-new self-service portal alongside a suite of APIs to help operators manage their ecosystems.

In our April release we launched our tenant management API, which enables MATTR VII customers to view, create and soft-delete tenants within their environment. We have now added the Analytics API to this suite of management tools. This allows customers to query their MATTR VII event log, which keeps a record of all MATTR API calls within their environment. Customers can query the event log with specific criteria and this can be extremely useful for audit and diagnostic purposes.

Furthermore, we have built our various management APIs into a self-service web portal for simple operation by ecosystem operators. The portal currently includes the tenant management and events APIs along with interfaces for viewing event logs, managing DIDs within an environment and more. This web portal is built on top of our APIs and provides an easy-to-use interface for accessing and viewing the information and insights provided by them. Please contact us to discuss how to migrate your tenants to the new self-service model.

More ecosystem lifecycle management tools are coming soon, including new APIs and portal support for configuring claims sources, authentication providers, credential setup and more. Watch this space for more updates about these tools and how to access them!

Enrichment of verification responses

We are enhancing the information returned from a verified credential. Prior to this enhancement, MATTR VII has applied a layer of convenience for integrations by returning only the claims from the verified credential. With this change, you can now opt-in to get the raw credential presentation shared by the holder in the verification response. This brings more information and options to verifiers and enables subsequent flows such as:

  • Re-verifying a credential using the MATTR VII verify capabilities, to continuously validate information such as the revocation status.
  • Checking what credential data attributes are coming from which credential when a verifier requests more than one credential.

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Refer to the Verify a Credential using a callback tutorial on MATTR Learn for more details on how to enable and use this enhanced capability in your credential verification flows.

Multiple key support in DID documents

MATTR VII now supports multiple keys within a single DID, to allow customers to issue multiple credential types to the same user. For example, this simplifies the process of issuing a Web Credential and Compact Credential, using the same data, to a user in a single issuance journey.

Refer to the Create a Web DID tutorial on MATTR Learn for more information on using multiple keys within a single DID document.

Ready, Set, GO: Our new white-label apps platform

Working with customers around the globe to start and scale verifiable credential ecosystems, we’ve identified a need for quick and easy solutions to get apps and experiences to market. That is exactly why we launched our white-label platform – MATTR GO!

MATTR GO provides customers with a fast and convenient way of creating a white-label branded apps for use in their credential ecosystems. It enables customers to benefit from MATTR’s technical and user experience expertise with apps and solutions wrapped in custom branding, colours and logos that users already know and trust. White-label solutions reduce time to market and development resources, and help customers get pilots and proofs-of-concept up and running quickly and easily.


MATTR GO was launched with our MATTR GO Wallet. Built on our robust MATTR Pi Wallet Toolkit, it leverages all the benefits of our MATTR Showcase Wallet while allowing customers to wrap the interface in their own trusted brand. It is interoperable and compliant with global standards, and can be integrated with existing MATTR’s credential lifecycle capabilities, available in the MATTR VII Platform.

The MATTR GO Wallet is suitable for customers looking for a ready-to-use wallet that can be distributed directly to credential holders in their ecosystem, with no coding required.

Find out more and refer to our Learn content, onboarding guide and Product Specification Sheet for further details.

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