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NZ Domestic Vaccine Pass

Use our solutions to verify the domestic vaccine pass both online and in-person.

We’ve got flexible verification technology to power your unique requirements. With our verifier API, you can add verification capabilities to your existing systems, including web booking portals seamlessly.

Take advantage of our verifier SDK to build your own applications, including kiosks for in-person events and mobile apps with your own branding.

Our technology

Integrate verification your way

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A complete credential platform

We have solutions to support the full credential lifecycle, as well as a range of support services and extensions to fit your unique use case.

Flexible options

Our verification options

Verification API

Use our powerful verifier APIs to add verification capabilities directly into your existing systems and services.

  • Can be used in any context (venue, employer, travel, etc)
  • Enables pre-venue checks via online journeys
  • Integration into existing workflows or application specific contexts

Verification white label app

Let us handle the complexity and the build by using our white label app solution to carry out real time verification in any context.

  • On-site verification for any context
  • Branded and configurable
  • Direct distribution (i.e not via app stores)
  • Can be bundled with other verifier capabilities like APIs to enable pre-venue checking
  • Can be bundled with dedicated hardware

Verification SDK

Take advantage of our SDKs to build verifier apps that work for your organisation – and your employees and customers.

  • Build your own verification solution into existing applications
  • Offline verification of the NZ Covid Pass
  • Privacy preserving features

Access in different digital wallets

People can store their certificates in a way that works for them, whether that’s as paper documents, in an Apple or Google wallet, or in a specialist digital wallet which also contains other credentials.

Want to build your own mobile wallet? We’ve got solutions to help you build your own. Talk to us today.

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Our technologies give you powerful ways to build trust and prove things about people. If you’ve got a use case and want to see what it might look like, we’d love to talk to you about it.

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Verification is just one part of the credential lifecycle. Learn more about our other credential capabilities below.