Verify credentials your way

The MATTR Pi Verifier Toolkit lets you build verification capability into any exisitng or new app. The toolkit gives you the flexibility to create the verification experience you need, and it’s backed by MATTR’s world-class developer support.

If you want to get up and running quickly without coding your own application, our MATTR VII Compact Credentials Verifier API plugs verfication capabilities into exisitng web systems seamlessly.

White-label based verifier app available soon with MATTR GO.

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Build your complete credential solution

MATTR has the tools to take you through verification and beyond.

Whether you are starting small or transforming a whole industry, MATTR’s platforms help you create digital trust in your organisation.

Use verifiable credentials to share information securely and easily with our MATTR VII credential management platflorm and our MATTR Pi toolkits for building credential experiences. We now also offer MATTR GO and white-label apps for those needing to get into market quickly.

World-class developer tools and support

Designed with developers and implementors in mind, MATTR products are backed by robust security, documentation and support.

Dig into our technical docs and tutorials for more information about how to implement the MATTR Pi Compact Credentials Verifier SDK and more.

Learn more: resources on verification

Our videos, articles and webinars give you answers to your questions in the ever-evolving world of decentralised identity.

Find your verifier solution today

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