Building a brighter future with TrustTech

June 5, 2024
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When you start with mutual trust, amazing things become possible

In recent decades, the digital revolution has reshaped how people, devices, and institutions interact with each other and conduct their operations. Technologies that once seemed ground-breaking or even magical — from electronic signatures and tap-to-pay, to smartphones and digital wallets — now represent everyday conveniences that we largely take for granted.

But just as this transformation has enabled efficiencies and created opportunities, it has also introduced challenges, complexities, and risks:

  • Losses due to fraud and cyberattacks reach new highs every year
  • Our private and personal data is collected, bought, sold, stolen, used, and abused on a daily basis
  • A new type of digital divide is emerging, as people previously happy to access services digitally lose confidence in the safety and security of online interactions and transactions

Underlying all these issues — and others — is a lack of digital trust.

The future will be different.

The transformative power of trust

Imagine a future in which being digitally scammed and defrauded is a thing of the past. Where the thought of sharing the same personal information over and over, or simply sharing more information than is strictly necessary, is ridiculous. Where you can perform a multitude of tasks — updating a driver’s license, opening a bank account, registering for a service — remotely, in real time, at any time of day. And where a cyberattack against an organization with which you interact doesn’t lead to long nights worrying about identity theft.

For this vision to come to fruition, public and private sector entities must provide authentication and identity verification via digital channels, in real time, backed by automated workflows.

They must do so while adhering to ever-evolving privacy and data regulations, and while extending and augmenting — but not abandoning — the processes relied upon by those lacking modern devices or access to digital channels.

And they must accomplish this both safely and efficiently, while being subjected to constant attacks by sophisticated, motivated, and well-resourced threat actors.

This future can only be built on a foundation of high assurance, which itself depends upon digital trust.

But in a world in which a cartoonist can quip, with good reason, that “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog,” how is such trust established?

TrustTech: assured outcomes in moments that matter

Trust Technology — or TrustTech, for short — is an umbrella term for platforms, products, features, and other capabilities that enable high-assurance relationships, transactions, and experiences.  

Existing within the fabric layer, TrustTech operates at different scales and across expansive time periods, managing:

  • Authentication lifecycles: How trust and assurance for people, devices, and other entities are established and continually maintained
  • Credential lifecycles: How credentials — meaning packaged data products (e.g., a digital driver’s license, a degree and academic transcript, proof of funds) that are portable, tamper-evident, and secure — are provisioned, bound, shared, and managed from day one to expiry or revocation
  • Ecosystem lifecycles: How trust is established in organizations and across entire relationship networks

In practice, TrustTech seamlessly embeds trust into your existing solutions, adding the value of high assurance to what you already do and creating networks of trust that scale for the realities of how we work and live.

The result can be truly transformational — replacing cumbersome and costly interactions with convenient and efficient ones, moving from insuring against negative outcomes to avoiding them entirely, and enabling entire ecosystems that are only possible when every entity has confidence in the identity of each of the others.

And because TrustTech exists at the fabric layer, the trust foundation it creates can be leveraged by tomorrow’s digital credentials and workflows as well as today’s physical documents and processes — enabling organizations to create a future that includes everyone.

MATTR: creating a new world of digital trust

TrustTech isn’t just a solution, it’s a strategic investment that positions your organization to be a leader of tomorrow — by equipping it with the tools to:

  • Deliver new customer value
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Withstand cyber attacks
  • Comply with regulations

…and much more!

MATTR empowers you to get started today, with products and capabilities that can be integrated into any organization, application, or experience as you look to reap immediate rewards, consolidate leadership, or gain a first-mover advantage in emerging markets.

Our products are simple, accessible, and easy to use, and are engineered with careful consideration for the full trust lifecycle — how trust is established, maintained, and refreshed for the required high-assurance outcomes.

Importantly, our standards-based digital infrastructure allows you to focus on solving problems that matter to you — while reducing risk and future-proofing implementations. In fact, we aren’t just active participants in the standards bodies defining TrustTech, we’re enthusiastic leaders, and our commitment to the cause ensures our solutions are — and will remain — at the cutting edge of technology, security, and compliance.

Let’s build the future that we can’t imagine we lived without

We know that change isn’t easy, but we also know that the rewards are worthwhile.

But, above all, we know that by working together, we can create a brighter, more secure, and more convenient future — for everyone.

To learn more — about TrustTech in general and about what MATTR's solutions can do for you — please explore our website or get in touch.

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