Creating a world where digital trust is a human right

We believe the infrastructure to support digital trust must be developed in the open.

We collaborate with policymakers, and a range of industry specialists, experts and communities to bring digital trust to life in a meaningful way.

These insights inform the development of open standards to support interoperability within the global technical community.

Our approach means no one party can control digital trust infrastructure of the internet.

Flexibility and choice

Standards-first technology

Standards enable user choice and prevent vendor lock-in, enabling interoperability of data models and protocols for cryptography, messaging, storage, and so much more.

Wherever possible, our products leverage and support existing standards. Where gaps exist, we propose modifications or develop new specifications with our technical community. Our commitment to interoperability reduces risk while future-proofing implementations.

Some of the standards development organisations we work within include.

Stronger together

Community and open source

Experience MATTR’s open standards, open source contributions and community projects that inform our product development.

Learn more about MATTR VII standards support

The open standards our platform supports are detailed on Learn – both currently – implemented and planned.

We are always looking for new ways to support the MATTR community. Reach out to discuss your needs.