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Transform how your organisation shares, manages and verifies information across domains with our platforms.

We offer the most versatile set of capabilities on the market today.

Whether you are a government, industry body, traditional business or new Web3 company – we've invested the time and care to ensure our platform is fit for your future.


Our products

Flexible, future-fit technology platforms


Build trust, enhance information security and access information conveniently with the MATTR VII platform and its modular, extensible APIs.


Our most flexible set of APIs and SDKs help you build out an entirely new category of application with a user interface you control or extend your organisation’s technology stack. MATTR Pi includes our Wallet Toolkit and Verifier Toolkit.

Our comprehensive stack

Start small and build in more capabilities as you need to, or integrate a complete end-to-end solution.

MATTR’s platforms and services are designed to extend and easily integrate verifiable data capabilities into your applications and infrastructure.

MATTR Platforms: Our products enable you to use MATTR Capabilities in a way that works for you. MATTR Capabilities: We combine Platform Services to deliver and extend MATTR Capabilities as applications, APls and SDKs. MATTR Platform Services: Underlying components enable you to implement a variety of decentralised identity and verifiable data use cases with confidence.

MATTR capabilities

Our capabilities span the lifecycle

Explore the capabilities that power trusted digital interactions and operational efficiencies for governments, industry bodies, traditional businesses and new Web3 companies globally.

Credential Generation
Create and issue any type of credential.

Credential Verification
Real time verification in any context, in-person and/or online.

Credential Management
Build new credential wallets or integrate credential management into your infrastructure.

Extension APIs to take your credential capabilities further.

Secure, end-to-end messaging and notifications.

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