Introducing MATTR VII

Confidently build digital trust into all your applications. MATTR VII can be used to extend, augment, even drive your application. We’ve created all of the things you need to get started, as well as to scale to meet expanding needs.

An integrated set of capabilities on a platform built for scale

VII Extensions

These include higher level capabilities that plug into MATTR VII, providing convenient and easy-to-access application logic.

Next steps

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  • 200 Credentials issued or verified
  • Non-customisable domain
  • Non-production DIDs
  • MATTR-branded digital wallet app
Handling complexity

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  • MATTR-branded digital wallet app
Fostering innovation

Not sure where to start?

Drive innovation through collaboration

We work with organisations globally to bring digital identity and verifiable data solutions to life. We provide access to software to test new ideas, run proof of concepts and validate business and technical operating models.

Open source

Practical tools and community

MATTR provide developer and community tools, including an Android and iOS wallet, toolkits, and a range of open source projects.